How to use a Golf GPS

Golf GPS devices are a vital piece of equipment in the game of Golf, in which measures the distance from where your ball is to the hole. Knowing how to use a Golf GPS can help tremendously because with a Golf GPS, this allows you to improve your game, and give you an advantage in any game of Golf.

Sometimes these devices can be quite difficult to operate. Especially if you’re new to this technology. Here is a guide on how to use a Golf GPS

First Step:

Once you purchase your Golf GPS, which you can find here. They will come with a set of directions specifying how to use the golf gps. Within the directions is a stated charge time for the battery. You must charge your Golf GPS until it is fully powered. Once your Golf GPS is fully charged, you must register your Golf GPS on the website that came in the directions, and install the software that came with your GPS on your computer.

Second Step:

Now that you are all registered, it is time that you select the Golf Course that you are participating at on your GPS. Once selected, you then enter the names of all your players, or just your own name if you are playing solo.

Third Step:

Most Golf GPS give you the option if you want to choose a satellite image view of the entire Golf course, which would allow you to zoom into any part of the Golf Course. Once selected yes or no, you will see the feature “Measure my shot” you want to click that, and calculate where your ball landed, then you will record what club you used and how far it went in the Golf GPS. You will repeat this process with all other players entered onto your Golf GPS. Also, you will want to record all your sand and penalty shots onto your Golf GPS.

Fourth Step:

Once you complete Step Three, you want to click continue playing in order to save all your information, and then for a summary of your game click the feature named Cumulative Stats.


Congratulations. You have learned how to navigate and how to use a Golf GPS. If you are interested in finding the Best Golf GPS, click here and read my reviews.