Choosing the Best Golf Bag for you

Golf Bags are a mighty piece of equipment when it comes to carrying and lugging your Golf Irons, Golf Balls, and all other equipment you would need during the course of your game. Here is a guide for choosing the best Golf Bag for you


What’s the best fit for me?

Are you the type of Golfer who want’s a Golf Bag that has the ability to fit all of your accessories and don’t mind the extra carry weight. Or are you the type of Golfer who want’s a Golf Bag that is lightweight, and can store only the necessities? Would you like a Golf Bag to attach to your Golf cart? Here are a list of advantages and disadvantages of all the types of Golf Bags to help you with choosing the best Golf Bag for you.

Types of Golf Bags

Carry Bags

Carry Bags are the lightweight, easy to access and have the ability to walk around the golf course with a simple strap around the shoulder and off you go. Carry bags are made for average golfers who are out for a simple game.

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Stand Bags

Stand Bags are usually heavier then a carry bag, but still possess the quality of being light in weight. Stand Bags are a great option for golfers who want to be able to access there equipment neatly, have a great look on the green, and still be able to carry around well

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Cart Bags


Car Bags are designed to be a more heavier type of bag, they are made with an extreme amount of storage space, and a large quantity of extra pockets. They are made to be place on a cart for travel around the golf course.




Tour Bags

Tour Bags are made to have the most capacity out of all the Golf Bags, This includes dividers, and a large amount of pockets to fit all of your golfing equipment. This is made for professional and competitive golfers.



Tips on choosing a Golf Bag


When searching for a Golf Bag, you want to choose the weight that best suites you. Are you searching for a lightweight Golf Bag you can carry. Or a heavier Golf Bag in order to store more


Are you a professional golfer searching for a Golf Bag that will be able to store all of your equipment? If so you should choose a heavier, more packing Golf Bag. Or are you an amateur golfer who is out casually golfing with just a few pieces of equipment. If so you should choose a lightweight Golf Bag.


When choosing the best Golf Bag for you, one of the best part of choosing, is the design and how the bag looks. You want to choose a bag that fits your personality and a Golf Bag you are going to love to have.



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