TaylorMade Tour Radar Structured Hat

TaylorMade is one of my personal favorite brands for all golf equipment. They have introduced the TaylorMade Tour Radar Structured Hat. Having a hat on the golf course is essential for protecting your skin from the awful sun rays, but it also improves you game by clearing your vision allowing your eyesight to improve. 


One of the greatest features of all TaylorMade products is there hard work on the comfort of their products. The TaylorMade Tour Radar Structured Hat was created with one hundred percent polyester material allowing the hat to create a non existent feel on your head. It is a very lightweight hat weighing in at only eight ounces. I don’t know about you but eight ounces on my head and I wouldn’t notice it was there either.




My absolute favorite part in the TaylorMade Tour Radar Structured Hat is the ability to fit any size head with it’s adjustable back of the hat. You are able to tighten, and loosen the length of the hat, this adds onto the comfort with your own customization ability. Other important features within the design of the hat is a dark under-bill front of the hat that will decrease glare, and increase your range of eyesight. One of the last features of the hat is a moisture deflecting fabric with 20UPF.


The TaylorMade Tour Radar Structured Hat has a remarkable price coming in at only eight dollars. Normally, every other hat out there can cost upwards of $30. But TaylorMade has introduced a affordable hat made with a top quality material. I couldn’t believe it either, I thought there had to be a catch. In reality there was no catch, and if you’re looking for a great affordable hat, TaylorMade Radar is your hat. 


TaylorMade’s Tour radar hat is an unbelievably great hat for golfing. It has style, comfort, a great design with many advantages, and sells for a great price. There is a downside because in my opinion you can’t wear it outside the golf course for separate occasions. It has emblems printed on it allowing anyone to see that it is clearly a golf hat. But if it doesn’t bother you, or you want just a golfing hat, this is your product.